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Information for Interns
The Internship & Skills Development Programme offers regional/national/ international work experiences and opportunities to enhance career. The portal helps students/young professionals to find suitable company through local IEEE Section 
A. The objectives of the Internship are 

1. To provide an opportunity for students to familiarize with the industry/organization of their discipline, experience work culture and discover the organizations within the industry. Students will acquire interpersonal skills through meeting with professionals in their field of study.

2. To provide an opportunity for students to correlate theoretical lessons and principles with practical applications. Students will acquire practical skills and experience working on projects alongside industry experts.

3. To provide an opportunity for students to discover grass root problems and fundamental issues in industry with a view to take up major project and development of innovative solutions.

4. To provide skill development and leadership oriented programs to the students and young professionals with a goal to assist them in handling variety of tasks, enhancing employable skills as well as in choosing better careers.

5. To assess preliminary career choice

6. To build up a network of important contacts

B. Do I have to pay IEEE 
No. only you should be an IEEE Student member / Young Professional (YP) / Graduate Student Member (GSM) and should work through local IEEE Branch/ Section which is part of R-10 program. 

IEEE Region 10

The IEEE Region 10, also sometimes referred as the Asia Pacific Region, comprises of 57 Sections, 6 Councils, 17 Sub-sections, 515 Chapters, 60 Affinity Groups and 958 Student Branches. It covers a geographical area stretching from South Korea and Japan in the north-east to New Zealand in the south, and Pakistan in the west. With a membership of 107,154, it is one of the largest regions in IEEE


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